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In the Multiphysics Mechanics of Materials group we focus on – no prizes for guessing – multiphysics mechanics of materials, spanning across length-scales and covering a variety of materials ranging from the multi-functional graphene to biological materials like cells and bacterial biofilms and everything in between. 


We do have a soft spot for soft materials, given their increasing relevance to both engineering and biological applications, as well as the fundamental research need to characterize their mechanics under complex environments with multitude of driving forces. Their flexibility, adaptability, and tunability together with their fascinating mechanics has made them a topic of key focus in our group.


Multiphysics interactions offer a tremendous avenue to push the state of the art in the development of next-generation materials with customizable and unprecedented properties. At the same time, the underlying mechanics framework applies equally well to complex biological systems that often showcase an interplay of growth, transport, and responsiveness to chemical and mechanical (and more) stimuli.


Learnings on each of these fronts inform advances on the other. Central to this synergistic effort is the experimental understanding and predictive modeling capability of the multiphysics mechanics of these systems. This is where our research – focused on developing experimentally validated, rigorous mechanics models  – comes in.


Brown University
Ph.D. in Solid Mechanics, 2019
Advisor: Prof. Kyung-Suk Kim


Email: <firstname>.<lastname> at

Others: Google Scholar, LinkedIn

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
B. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering, 2013


PI: Mrityunjay Kothari

Department of Mechanical Engineering,

University of New Hampshire,

Durham, NH 03824


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  • We organized a successful mini-symposium at SES 2023 in Minneapolis, MN on the Multiphysics mechanics of solids, co-oragnized with Prof. Vikas Srivastava from Brown University.

  • We are organizing a symposium at IMECE 2022 and welcome you to come join us in Columbus, Ohio!

  • Join us for the New.MECH 2022 at MIT
    on May 6th!

  • Our latest pre-print "The crucial role of elasticity in regulating liquid-liquid phase separation in cells" is up on arxiv!

  • How does a growing body takes its shape and form when it is embedded inside another body? We attempt to answer this question in our latest JMPS paper.

Morphogenesis and cell ordering in confined bacterial biofilms

  • Our collaborative work on the mechanics-driven morphogenesis in embedded bacterial biofilms is now online on PNAS! Check it out.

  • Check out our research on the effects of elasticity on liquid-liquid phase separation through a short and fun video.

    See the paper here.

Screen Shot 2020-11-19 at 4.03.59 PM.png
  • Our work on the peeling of soft adhesive layers featured on the front cover of Soft Matter.

    See the paper here.

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